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The ICCUB hosts the stay of the winners of the Extraordinary Baccalaureate Award 2021

Fotografia de la visita d'un dels estudiants, l'Ignasi Lloveras (a la dreta) al laboratoris de la Unitat Tecnològica de l'ICCUB al Parc Científic de Barcelona

The Institut of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona (ICCUB) hosted the stay of two winners of the Extraordinary Baccalaureate Awards 2021, Marina Burjalés and Ignasi Lloveras.

These awards are organized by the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia in collaboration with the Catalan Association of Research Organizations (ACER) and consist of specific tests accessible only to students with average grades over 8.5, with the aim of being an official recognition of the merits of students who show special preparation in these subjects.

During their stay at the ICCUB from September 26 to 30, as part of the award, Marina and Ignasi shared their day-to-day life with researchers from the different scientific areas of our institute, participating in the usual activities of a research centre such as seminars, Journal Clubs, dissemination activities... The students also enjoyed a visit to the laboratories of the Technological Unit of the ICCUB located in the Barcelona Scientific Park, in order to obtain a global view of all the knowledge areas of our centre.

As the end of the activity, on Friday 7 October, the awardees had the opportunity to meet with the director of the ICCUB, Xavier Luri, and discuss the opportunities, difficulties and challenges of the scientific career, in which we wish both participants much success.

The ICCUB believes that it is essential that scientific knowledge transcends the walls of the academy to reach other social agents, such as educational centres, to strengthen the scientific and cultural fabric of our society and create synergies that lead us to self-critical citizens with the necessary knowledge to face the challenges of our present.

The ICCUB is a member of ACER through the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC) as one of the four scientific units that make up the institution.