Research projects

Fotografia il·lustrant un treball de recerca amb l'utilització del Timepix

The main objective of the project is to bring research closer to our students in order to promote new scientific and technical vocations. It is natural, then, to take advantage of the high school Research Work subject so that the students of the schools signed up to the Timepix detector loan program, use them in their work to do original research on particle physics, radiation, radioactivity,...

In this section you have a collection of the Final Research Thesis (TR) that has been done over the last few years using the Timepix detectors of the ADMIRA project, shared under a Creative Commons license (Non-Commercial-Recognition-Share Alike). In the description you can find a small summary of the practical part of the work and its relationship with the project and its objectives.

One of your students has done a Final Research Thesis (TR) related to the project and you want to share it?

The student must fill out the work publication authorization form that you can find here and sent it filled out, together with a pdf file with the work and a short description that includes the title of the research work and the explanation of the practical part.


ATTENTION! Radioactivity and ionizing radiation, both of natural and artificial origin, have many applications,
but they pose a health risk.

Radioactive sources are subject to regulatory control exercised by the Security Council
Nuclear (, and must only be handled by licensed personnel, unless they are sources
radioactive exempt.

These student research papers are not professional and decisions should not be made based on them
their conclusions