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Common Birds of Uncommon Talent: The World of Narcissus the Duck

Common Birds of Uncommon Talent: The World of Narcissus the Duck
Edward I. Lundrem
Popularisation of Science
Ruxandra Bondarescu, ICCUB
Jayashree Balakrishna, HSSU
Edward I. Lundrem
45 pàgines
15.24 x 0.28 x 22.86 cm
Paper i Kindle

Jayashree Balakrishna (HSSU) and Ruxandra Bondarescu (ICCUB), two world class scientists, and an 11-year-old have written the perfect educational book that everyone will enjoy.  Illustrations by the 11-year old make the book even more endearing.  This work combines science and poetry to open your eyes to the amazing world of everyday birds. With left brain meeting right brain, the drawings and short verses engage children and adults likewise.  While the birds speak in verses that are both humorous and fun, they expose readers to real scientific information. Narcissus, the duck, will tell you about his remarkable eye adaptations. Penelope, a pensive sparrow, is worried about the decreasing sparrow numbers in cities around the world. Cawlin, the charismatic crow, has a brain body ratio comparable with that of the chimpanzee. Athena, the owl, explains how her asymmetrical ears help her locate her prey. Melody, a cuckoo from India, carefully chooses a good step-mother for her baby, and then feeds her on the sly.


Their book introduces readers to conservation through birds that can easily be observed in every neighbourhood. Biodiversity is a good indicator of environmental health. The disappearance of common birds raises alarm bells. The dwindling numbers of city sparrows around the world is particularly worrisome. It shows that cities are becoming increasingly unhealthy. Together we can understand the world, and learn to see common birds as worthwhile allies in the battle for survival. The book is endorsed by Dr. Carrie Branch from Cornell's Laboratory of Ornithology.

If you were intrigued by this story, here you can find the Kindle and paperback versions of the book.