The Legos of matter. Beyond protons, neutrons and electrons

Toni Bertólez, ICCUB
Toni Bertólez, ICCUB
Particle Physics
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What is everything we know made of? Beyond atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons, matter can be many other things. The goal of particle physics is to understand what the most fundamental pieces of nature are and how they relate to each other to form the world around us.

A whole century of research with the largest (and most expensive) experiments in human history has enabled humanity to develop a theory of nature that explains it almost perfectly. However, this theory fails to explain countless observations in astronomy and cosmology. So how can you solve this puzzle?

In this course we will discover that the universe is much richer and more diverse than we think. Session by session, we will fragment the world of subatomic particles and learn how all of particle physics fits together, until it stops fitting. From mathematical foundations to how experiments work, from the smallest to the largest, the fabric of nature holds many secrets for us.



1. Where does all this particle physics come from? A brief historical introduction
2.The Foundations of the Subatomic World: Quantum Physics and Feynman Diagrams
3. Colliding and observing: how particle accelerators and detectors work
4. Far beyond electromagnetism: electric charge and light
5.Color theory is not what you expected: a journey inside the atomic nucleus
6. The origin of mass: the Higgs boson and the electroweak unification
7. Neutrinos: the ghost particles
8.Even more ghostly: dark matter
9.Beyond Earth: Particle Physics in Astronomy and Cosmology
10.The future of particle physics


Toni Bertólez Martínez, predoctoral researcher at the Department of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics of the University of Barcelona and the Institute of Cosmos Sciences, and science disseminator on the social media channels "Del buit al tot" and "Neurones Fregides"

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Toni Bertólez, ICCUB
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Particle Physics